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Amsterdam ArenA – Boosting fan experience

About This Project


Amsterdam ArenA Challenge
How can digital innovations increase the number of visitors, their spendings and the number of new events?


What we did
We created indepth fan insights by designing the end-2-end customer journey. This clearly indicated the moments to improve a negative experience or create a wow! moment.


We involved thousands of fans with our ‘open question’ tool, asking questions like “what is your best idea to have an even better time at Amsterdam ArenA? Hundreds of great ideas were collected!


We organized co-creation sessions with ArenA employees, their stakeholders – like KNVB, AJAX, City of Amsterdam – and our creative designers and technology experts. Building on the customer insights and fan input we released the customers creative potential focused on realistic solutions.


Our results
A creative and valuable roadmap of new services was defined and prioritized, supported by their stakeholders. Top 3 ideas are visualized and now being realized!